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Optical Materials - Substrate Selection

General Considerations
This section outlines the major considerations for choosing the right optical substrate for your application. Every type of optical materials possesses unique properties that are valuable in different circumstances. The goal is to find the most affordable substrate that delivers the best performance for your specific application. Some of the important questions to ask when selecting an optical substrate are:
Transmitting Optics (Sapphire Lenses, Beamsplitters, Prisms, etc.)
• UV Transmitting Substrates (Below 400nm)
• VIS/NIR Transmitting Substrates (400nm - 2µm)
• IR Transmitting Substrates (2µm - 30µm)

Transmission Curves: MgF2, CaF2, UVFS, IRFS

Reflecting Optics (Mirror Coatings, Partial Reflective Coatings & Output Couplers)
• UV Mirror Substrates
• VIS/NIR Mirror Substrates
• IR Mirror Substrates

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